Apply to "Product-Market Fit Camp!" PMF Camp is a 1-week sprint for thoughtful early-stage founders building B2B software companies. If you feel overwhelmed trying to find product-market fit, figure out go-to-market, and execute in the lonely ambiguity of a B2B startup, PMF Camp is for you. Our mission is to help you develop the mental models & practical toolkits that enable you to build a solid business you can scale on your terms. As such, PMF Camp does not take equity, have a demo day, or hype up fundraising. PMF Camp is 100% virtual and runs monthly, with 2 different groups based on your stage: 1) Getting Your First 10-20 Customers 2) 20-100+ Customers (and Beyond) Currently PMF Camp consists of daily, 1-hour sessions at 12p ET. (As we grow, we may add sessions to better serve other time zones. Reach out if you'd like that.) After the 1-week session, you have the option to be grouped into small "Founder Accountability Groups" that we hope will be your core thought partners for years! Application below. Learn more: Our Guide to $0-$1M+ ARR Curriculum for "First 10-20 Customers" PMF Camp Subscribe to our "refreshingly honest" newsletter for B2B Founders Schedule an intro call with Rob (limited 1:1 founder coaching available) About Rob Snyder, PMF Camp Founder: I had to unlearn most of what I knew from McKinsey & Harvard Business School to bring Hourwork from $0 and no product to $4M ARR in two years. PMF Camp is what I desperately needed as a founder: A smart peer group, honest conversations about building a startup, and a mix of useful frameworks + tactical advice. I'm also a Fellow at Harvard Innovation Labs, Founder in Residence at Incendium Strategies, and Venture Partner at Red Stick Ventures. Connect with me on LinkedIn!

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